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Before we start comparing shopping cart software solutions, what you really need to know is the why. Every aspect of ecommerce business can be divided into two aspects – controllable (managed internally) and uncontrollable (managed externally like logistics, operations, etc); measure efficiency of everything that is online with improvements in micro funnel conversions and everything that is offline with improvements in time.

Description: Worked on e-catalogue management, data handling of the online inventory, worked on online traffic generation with Bonoboze team-their online marketing partner, worked in increasing assisted sales (Omni-commerce) for more customer reach, Learnt calculation for logistics cost & selecting preferred transport.

So take proactive action now to avoid getting locked into revenue sharing (or develop an escape strategy if you already are) start today to begin active review and analysis of potential alternatives, feel free to reach out and discuss which common sense options might make the most sense for your business.

Over the last few years, there have been some great case studies from various ecommerce entrepreneurs on how they built their online business, detailing literally every step of the process, including selecting a product, evaluating it, testing the market, building the storefront, getting initial sales, and scaling it.

The key advantage here is that partners will help you sell your product because they want to sell their products or services on top of it. By creating a partner network to leverage your API, you have automatically created new sales channels and have scaled your Sales and Marketing teams in a way that otherwise might not be possible.

I recommend hosted platforms because they come with plenty of SEO features, integration with search engine tools, analytics tools, product feeds/shopping engines, product review platforms, cross/upsell options, integration with better services like site search providers, cart abandonment messages, automated messages, back in stock notifications, Amazon integration, chat providers, access to the latest marketing opportunities and more.

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It’s loaded with citations from case studies; advice on how to craft a winning ecommerce return policy; facts about why customers return products and what a retailer can do about it. The guide also teaches retailers how they can profit from offering hassle-free returns, and proves the direct correlation between a no-questions-asked returns policy and improved retention and customer loyalty.

Identification of best array of boxes: Once we have collected several months of shipping data specific boxes used for each shipment as well as weight and cube of every item in the box we use mathematical modeling software to pinpoint the specific sizes of boxes that will deliver the lowest total cost considering packaging material, packaging labor and freight to destination.

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